Team Members (WIP)

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Dragon Lens Studios Inc is a very community driven company we are always looking for volunteers and are always hiring!

We have a very large team and we are trying our best to get everyone on here with their photos as soon as possible some of the team members not shown will be listed below!

Mony Dragon

Mony Dragon

CEO & Founder, Director of Development
Dragon Lens Studios Members not shown currently this list is not fully accurate since our members come in and out frequently do to the nature of how our company operates!
  • Niki Dragon – Writer, Company Photographer, Standing COO
  • Sam Casto – Writer, Media
  • Jamie Skrat Manning – Lead Music Composer, Lead Sound Director, Audio Engineer
  • Andrew Wardle – Voice Actor
  • Darian Mckee – Lead Game Tester
  • Zach Prettyman – Programmer
  • Mihir Modak – Game Designer
  • Zach Krizo – Advisor, Previous COO, Programmer
  • James Richardson – Music Composer, Audio Engineer
  • Skyler Denney – Media Manager
  • Leaf Nelson – Lead Concept Artist, Game Designer
  • James Clark – Programmer, Game Designer
  • Justin Fitzpatrick – Programmer, Artist
  • Omar – Programmer
  • Zeo – Artist
  • Niku – Artist
  • John Elliott – Music Composer, Audio Engineer
  • Riftmango – Artist
  • Matt Barbee – CFO, Advisor, Programmer
  • Capy – Artist
  • Anthony Ritchey – Writer, Editor, Website Moderator

Our team is ever expanding so this list will rapidly change based on involvement!