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Upcoming Dragon Lens Studios Fundraiser!

Gaming industry has one of the most poweful voices when it comes to spreading the message – and so we set up on a mission to organize a charity event bringing into light the following charities:

Invisible Disabilities Association
Brain & Behavior Research Foundation
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

whose concern are the, often overlooked, “invisible diseases”.

Raising awarness is important to the whole of community, and we realised that when it came to battle with such a disease for one of us.
The fundraising will take a form of a decentralized game-jam or live-streaming event, featuring local venues secured by our Partners.

If you would like to support Dragon Lens Studios directly, check out: Patreon
Phantasy Quest – Awakening
Phantasy Quest is a throwback to old-school RPGs like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, powered by our own engine mechanics! Join Tobias on his quest through an engaging, elaborate and player-driven storyline, all while retaining the unique feel of good old days of RPGs!
Game Update Page:
Mony’s Itch.Io Page that contains Shell Shook and other titles that he is currently working on such as Keyboard Kommander!
This page will be updating and being cleaned up and the site will be changing drastically over the course of the next few months also feel free to follow our social media sites for additional updates!
Thank You!
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