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Website Maintenance!

Dragon Lens Studios is online again! We lost all our previous website data so over the next few months we will populate and be changing the site frequently. We apologize for the lack of content currently. We will be updating the site/theme and provide updates and feedback on all our projects soon!
Thank you for visiting please check back on this site frequently over the next few months to see all our updates! Also I apologize lots of things will be broken and template like for awhile.
In the Meantime, Here are some links to check out!
Mony’s Patreon page supporting his efforts for creating Dragon Lens Studios and the community around Independent industry!
Phantasy Quest – Awakening
Phantasy Quest – Awakening is a throwback to old-school RPGs like Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior/Quest, and Chrono Trigger with new engine mechanics, an engaging, elaborate, player-driven storyline, and classic elements interleaved together blending new and old concepts together! It’s the blend of RPG elements that fans have craved for years!
Game Update Page:
Mony’s Itch.Io Page that contains Shell Shook and other titles that he is currently working on such as KeyboardKommander!
This page will be updating and being cleaned up and the site will be changing drastically over the course of the next few months also feel free to follow our social media sites for additional updates!
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